Access Card Copier/Duplicator with Standalone Operation


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Product Description

Model; ABCE-20120021

“Ever had this trouble of losing your office access cards all the time and having to pay lots of money for duplication of key cards from key makers? Why spend so much on keys duplication when you can purchase the device itself? No more unwanted spendings on access cards. Now, if you lose your cards, just copy it!”




1) Designed to read 125KHz RFID cards and write/program 125KHz writable RFID cards

2) Operates without the need of PC or laptops — works completely standalone

3) Simply press the button on the left to “read” existing RFID card. Then, press the button on the right to “write” or program your blank RFID card

4) Comes complete with 1 x programmable RFID keychain and 1 x programmable RFID security card

5) The included programmable RFID cards are completely reusable

6) Additional RFID keychains and RFID pass cards available

7) Perfect for cloning existing RFID pass cards and keychains (please use in a legal way)

8) 100V~240V AC adapter / 1x6F22 9V battery included

9) Size: 150x145x35mm


*Item to be used responsibly and legally*


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